Dr. Morse's Q&A - Enlarged Prostate, Bowel Cancer, MRSA and More #704


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:02:40 - Enlarged prostate
00:18:50 - MRSA
00:40:15 - Bowel cancer - spreading to liver and lung
00:52:48 - Peripheral vertigo (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo)
01:00:59 - Hiatal hernia
01:05:17 - Chronic Lyme - Hand pain - Paralyzed left hand - Dry mouth - Shoulder pain - Knee pain
01:17:45 - Mental health issues, Pituitary tumor, Schizophrenia, Voices in head


00:02:40 - Enlarged prostate
Any suggestions how I could improve this the natural way?

00:18:50 - MRSA
It is said MRSA can be deadly. Can it too be detoxified from the body?

00:40:15 - Bowel cancer - spreading to liver and lung
My cousin Stephen is 38 years old, diagnosed with bowel cancer early 2023, he went through chemotherapy but it's been unsuccessful and has now spread to his liver and lung.

00:52:48 - Peripheral vertigo (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo)
He recently was diagnosed with peripheral vertigo and is feeling constant dizziness.

01:00:59 - Hiatal hernia
How can I fix my hiatal hernia please? I get reflux and regurgitated foods.

01:05:17 - Chronic Lyme - Hand pain - Paralyzed left hand - Dry mouth - Shoulder pain - Knee pain
What do I need, to start to get liver and kidney working?

01:17:45 - Mental health issues, Pituitary tumor, Schizophrenia, Voices in head
My son who is 32 years old, has been suffering for over six years now and has seen numerous doctors.

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  1. So wonderful to see you once again dear Doctor Morse. I am alive today because of you, and functioning unbelievably. Hallelujah

  2. This video got me too . So many souls that need help, hope one day we all be with opened eyes xxx.

  3. I watched so many Robert Morse Videos and also bought the book. He is constantly repeating the phrase “get your kidneys filtering”. But i could not get one hint of how exactly to do that! We are on fruits, leafy greens and some wild herbs already. So what’s the secret to get them actual filtering. How is it done?

      • Well dry fasting is a dangerous thing. Many people ruined their kidneys or lost their lifes. I would never ever do it.

    • Kidney tinctures or capsules from Dr Morse got mine filtering. Took 6 weeks on all fruit, along with the kidney herbs and a kidney glandular supplement and the adrenal glandular. Once filtering, I started the lymphatic formulas and others. I get great filtration after eating a small handful of fresh parsley as well. It can take months for some people to see results. Pee in a jar everyday and once you see sediment or “stuff” floating around then settling on the bottom, you know you’re filtering. Hope it happens soon for you!

  4. Earth is not a spinning gl obe. HIStory it’s mostly lies. It’s not health care system, it’s sick care system… Check out Flat out truth on yt, Eric Dubay, dmurphy25, David Weiss interviews2, Divergent, Ewaranon-Woeh and Tlhotfe on google if you find it

  5. just when I thought dr Couldn’t get any kooler, he then exposes the NWO, WHO and anti humanists 💛 Thankyou for everything you do. Im sharing your videos on social media to help the world and save more animals too

    • We appreciate your support and helping Dr. Morse get the message out there, Steven!


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