Dr. Morse's Q&A - Vaccines, Depression, Bug Bites and More #593


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:15:30 - Vaccine
00:25:05 - Depression - Anxiety - Fatigue
00:31:22 - Chromosome duplication syndrome
00:53:28 - Cadaver cartilage
00:57:43 - 9 year old has bad reactions to bug bites
01:11:38 - 3 years on keto diet
01:23:06 - Type 1 diabetes
01:35:42 - SIBO - Digestion issues
01:55:00 - Glasses
02:00:00 - Kidney removed


00:15:30 - Vaccine
Which vaccine is the safest?

00:25:05 - Depression - Anxiety - Fatigue

00:31:22 - Chromosome duplication syndrome
I have an almost 2 year old son who recently had a blood test done by the paediatrician because he had major developmental delays and autistic style tendencies.

00:53:28 - Cadaver cartilage
I just had a quick question about what you guys think about cadaver cartilage.

00:57:43 - 9 year old has bad reactions to bug bites
For some reason my 9 year old has bad reactions to bug bites and gets them quite frequently throughout the year.

01:11:38 - 3 years on keto diet
After 3 years of keto diet I have (high cholesterol, Adrenal fatigue, arthritis, and fatty liver )and I am prostatitis since 21 years.

01:23:06 - Type 1 diabetes
I am a 24 year old male (as of May 1st) with type 1 diabetes since I was 2 years old. I have always been told by others throughout my whole life that I would just have to deal with this condition.

01:35:42 - SIBO - Digestion issues
I have been really struggling with severe upper gut dysfunction (l burp all day long and taste my food hours later) and malabsorption.

01:55:00 - Glasses
Just wondering what your thoughts are on how to be rid of them for good please?

02:00:00 - Kidney removed
My daughter had her left kidney removed following continuous UTIs

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  1. We love you, dom` Dr. (my family)! Thanks for sharing your experience with us! Big hug!

  2. Dr. Morse thank you so much for making Dr. Morse TV to get the most suppressed information out to those that want and need it. I pray your tooth heals quickly, I know this planet is NOT a fun place to be 100% of the time and being a spiritual person exposing yourself to some of the lowest points in mans depravity is something truly commendable. May you live long, we are in desperate need of more people like you! LOVE, PEACE, BREATH, and FRUIT!!!

    • You’re so welcome, Nathan! We’re so pleased to be able to provide this platform both for Dr. Morse and the community. And thank you for the kind message ❤️

  3. Hi, i just did a course in quantum healing hypnosis by dolores cannon.
    It seems to be very safe and effective but i am yet to try it on anyone myself.
    It would be nice for morse to check dolores cannon coz her methods seem to be healing many people very effectively by going into past life regressions and talking with the super conscious collective of the client. Im planning to try it but i value morses opinions and now im thinking twice since he said hypnosis isnt good. But i know there are ways that are not good and possibly ways that are? Im hoping dolores cannons way is the good way.

    So its called qhht. Quantum healing hypnosis by dolores cannon.
    I think alot of her info resonates with morse. Which is what gives me confidence in it.

  4. im glad you got your own tv channel now doc… ive had it with all the censorship of the truth on other platforms… bravo…

    • We’re definitely fed up with it, too, so going “alternative” is now the way forward. We’ll be the new mainstream media versus the dying corporate media. 😉

  5. Hey Doc,
    Can you talk more about being in the now, and staying out of emotion mind?
    I’m isolated with spouse and my brain is messing with me. We need more spiritual videos. 🙏

  6. You always have encouraging truth, “let’s get that fixed” love this new channel🏁🫂💕

  7. Hi Dr Morse! Truly love your videos and you are a amazing individual! Plan to take your course and would love your new book! What is the name and when will it be out!?! I have been in pats biology class! It’s like Christmas the knowledge you give is a gift! Thank you for sharing

  8. OK…listen up…

    NONE OF THESE ARE “vaccines” AT ALL!!! They are EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPEUTICS!! They PERMANENTLY ALTER YOUR DNA GENETIC CODE. End of story. You CANNOT detox these jabs out of you…but, you can detox out any previous ACTUAL vaccines, heavy metals, etc. out. Yes.

    But, I repeat, YOU CANNOT DETOX THESE OUT. Also, if the one jabbing you does it WRONG and hits a vein, you will then get the jab in your bloodstream…and, guess what?!?!?! GRAPHENE OXIDE is in these jabs, in fact, it is the main component! The structure of GRAPHENE OXIDE is like nano razor blades. See Dr. Andreas Noack’s work as he WAS the ONLY expert on it and DIED 4 days after exposing this….gee, I wonder if her got murdered?!?!! ***sarcasm***

    The graphene oxide circulates through your blood, SLOWLY CUTTING UP YOUR ENDOTHELIAL WALL…what happens when you get a cut? You CLOT! Hence, why there have been so many heart attacks. When this issue cuts up your heart tissue…MYOCARDITIS is the result.

    You people also need to realize THERE IS NO COVID. End of story. No “virus”, and “virus in the sense that big pharma uses the term (which is WRONG), has EVER been ISOLATED FROM A PURE SAMPLE. NEVER. NOT ONCE!!! They are FLAT OUT lying to you.

    Also, stop falling for CONTROLLED OPPOSITION as well. ANYONE who thinks alternatively to the LEFT, so to presume they’re on the RIGHT, but STILL pushes that this is real, or that HCQ, Ivermectin, etc. is a “treatment”….THESE PEOPLE ARE CONTROLLED OPPOSITION!!!!!!!! We need to AWAKEN FURTHER and realize the SAME elites control BOTH SIDES.

    And as for that trucker convoy…CONTROLLED OPPOSITION SCRIPTED EVENT. George Soros’ “Atlantic Group” funded the West Coast of Canada’s “WEXIT” nonsense, where Pat King was the spearhead. Well, Pat King is the spearhead behind this CONTROLLED OPP EVENT as well!! Gee, you think ole George and his people don’t have their hands in this too? WAKE UP. GoFundMe was, essentially, a rolling extortion of ignorant peoples hard earned money. You are a fool if you donated to it.

    All in all….you people need to keep waking up. I have been at this damn near 20 years now and you CANNOT get stagnant in your awakening. KEEP GOING FURTHER.

    If you “have to” get a jab…then you CLEARLY know nothing of the actual LAW and your actual RIGHTS that protect you. And, if you have to choose POISONING yourself, ALTERING your DNA PERMANENTLY, over leaving a job….then you MUST reevaluate your entire life, because at NO point should your existence be reliant on ” a job”. Adapt, change, pivot…AWAKEN FURTHER.

    Oh, and turn the damn tell-LIE-vision OFF. Come on.

    Shout out Dr. Morse, love you. But please…there is NO covid (see Dr. Stefan Lanka who described ALL in detail to Dr. Tom Cowan, see Dr. Kaufmann, Dr. Vollmer, etc.) and these jabs CANNOT be detoxed out of you. You are playing Russian roulette with your life if you take a jab YOU DO NOT NEED AT ALL!!!!!!!!

    Much Love,

    • The vaccinations are poisons to all our cells but can be detoxified out of our cells with RRF (raw ripe fruit) and the proper herbs. COVID is just another virus and will just pass through a person’s body, if their body is in an alkaline state which can be achieved with RRF and the proper herbs. I do believe there are many conspiracies going on with the corrupt scum that are now in a position of power in our government.

  9. Thank you our beautiful Doc ❤️ I appreciate you and your team so so much.. thank you for streaming your valuable words to other platforms 🙏🏾🥰

  10. …by the way…I LOVE YOU DR. MORSE!!! Been observing your videos for 5+ years now as I move through my journey of awakening. Happy you do what you do…very thankful for everything.

    Cheers from Canada

    • I recently requested for him to be on The Higherside Chats – I’m a subscriber to the podcast, and they talk alternative health oftentimes, and he would be a great fit!

      • Would be quite a treat to get Dr. Morse on either of these podcasts 🙂

  11. Pfizer has already developed a “formula” to heal vaccine damages. It’s a common fact that when you awake, you must leave some people behind, even loved ones. I have once read a good metaphor: If you lead an unawaked life, it is like living in a little town in a narrow valley, everything is set, the rules are known, you know what you are allowed and what not. If you awake you hike up the mountain and you have a view never seen before. But you have left much and many down in the valley and now you are responsible for yourself.

  12. The new platform and name ‘morses.tv’ is really cool. Good that you can share the full truth of things without worrying about censorship! I am about to purchase and begin the Level One course. I have made a suggestion via email and I’ll make it here too – Would you consider creating a ‘School’ page on LinkedIn for International School of (Regenerative) Detoxification? That way, when students complete the course, they can feature the school and logo in their profile’s education section. It’ll also help promote the school to more people and you can share your content there also. Thanks!

    • Hi Conor! I can confirm your suggestion has been received and will be considered. LinkedIn may indeed be a great idea for this purpose.

      Thank you 🙂

  13. Thank you Dr Morse. I cannot wait to get my hands on your new book. ❤️ I’m also just so glad you are here in the world right now. How lucky we all are. Not just for the health stuff everything the spiritual warrior and everything you talk about is my normal too, my real world. Just thank you.

  14. Stop lying to yourselves people about the deadly vaxx, “I have no choice”, ofc you have the choice ! Unless militaries tie you on a chair and inject you without you being able to move, don’t call it forcing..You’ll just lose your slave job or so, so what ?

  15. Hi Dr Morse, this is Anna Parra. I was in your clinic for a consultation with Julia on January 18, 2022. You came into my consultation which was a wonderful surprise. I have been on my detox program for almost three weeks, and it is working wonders. I don’t ever want to go back to my old way of eating because I see and feel the benefits of detoxing and eating raw foods, especially the grapes!

    I want you to know that I have been on a mission to pass out your business card to as many people as I can. I talk about you and your program to everyone I can.

    This TV episode was eye opening as are all your videos. I learn something new each and every time I watch and listen to you. Thank you for all you do for humanity. I love you, Anna’ Parra

  16. Looking good Doc! So nice to hear you speak uncensored on things, people are ready for it. Sending love your way on the tooth.

  17. My family has traveled non-stop since Covid started. We aren’t, nor will we ever be vx with this poison.

  18. dr Morse, what is your opinion about stage 4 breast, bone metastatic cancer?
    Can you and me save my wife?
    What do you think of vitamin B-17….?
    Kind regards

  19. To the person asking about eyesight. I healed many things after removing my mercury amalgam “silver fillings”. One of the most shocking was regaining all sight in the matter of a few weeks. My dentist talked about how the mercury creates a micro galvanic area around each filling where it interferes with the nerve signals responsible for focusing (sight). For me, as a child, I lost my sight when the fillings were placed. I could no longer see the stars at night, or read the chalkboard, or read a license plate of the car in front of me. To give you perspective on the level that was restored after 20 years. I am glasses/contacts free now, the opthomologist had no way to explain it and chalked it up to better blood sugar control, but I have never been anything close to a diabetec, my dentist laughed as he sees it often. I will write to Dr Morse soon.

  20. I can’t even tell you what you cause in me Dr Morse, but I’m sure you feel it. Thank you. I would love if you had the time and desire to do a guided meditation to connect and let go

  21. Hi, I love your new channel and have been following you since 2012, thank you for everything you do, you’re an awesome human being…
    I do have a question about something that drives me nuts though, that would be the CC print, I looked for an option to turn it off but couldn’t find one, I hope there is an option and if not I hope you will be adding one soon, very soon, thanks again Dr. Morse…

    • Hey Derek! We’re still determining the best way to approach captions. There are currently two ways to add the captions:

      1) “Burn” them into the video footage
      2) Add them as a toggleable overlay

      The first option works across all devices, but you can’t turn them off.

      The second option we did initially and you could turn them on/off. But the captions wouldn’t show on mobile devices.

      We’re awaiting improvements and better compatibility for the second option, then we’ve got the best of both worlds.

      Until then, you can also watch the videos on Rumble: https://jo.my/rumble-dmhhc

  22. Thx for all your love and understanding! The world needs more people like you!

  23. My suggestion to the one who wants to travel or anyone going to a place that is the government, is to create an administrative record. Give them notice that the failure to demonstrate a non-fraudulent exigency for the emergency makes their orders null and void. Put the burden back on them to show they have the jurisdiction let alone the authority to determine any type of mitigation is necessary.

  24. People would do well to read Robert Kennedy’s book entitled: THE REAL ANTONY FAUCI. Also listen to the interviews still available with Dr Robert McCullough…that is before they take them all down! Please folks, just follow Morse’s protocol and understand much of this is FEAR induced. Also Merriott Desmet’s talks on MASS FORMATION need to be understood. Remember WW2?!!! Your body is everything. Treat it like Gold dust which means you do NOT put things in it that you do not understand and as yet none of us know what exactly are in these mrna’s. Especially do not hurt your own children! I remember the term EUGENICS being used years ago, this may be that! Common sense so needed at this time. Thank you Dr Morse, as always! x

  25. Cant wait to read your book ! love your work and teachings, the world needs it. I like the new platform nice look but is there a way to turn off the captions, i cant seem to find it, too distracting with so many wrong interpretations, …. love you braveheart !

    • Hi Camille! We’re still determining the best way to approach captions. There are currently two ways to add the captions:

      1) “Burn” them into the video footage
      2) Add them as a toggleable overlay

      The first option works across all devices, but you can’t turn them off.

      The second option we did initially and you could turn them on/off. But the captions wouldn’t show on mobile devices.

      We’re awaiting improvements and better compatibility for the second option, then we’ve got the best of both worlds.

  26. I have looked everywhere for seeded dark purple grapes. Now what? Do I eat the seedless dark purple grapes? They have to be GMO. What do I do??

  27. My brother in law died this year of Covid. He had liver cirrhosis, I have to mention this, so a really really bad liver. So the story goes like this. He had Covid 2 years ago, when he was unvaccinated. He had cirrhosis back then too. He recovered at home from Covid, despite cirrhosis. Then, after a while, he had his vaccines, both doses. This year he caught Covid again, and, after spending 1.5 months in ICU, on ventilator, antibiotics, all possible help, he died from Covid. I don’t know what else to say. Make what you want of it, but the way I see it, he should have had a mild case if Covid vaccines were to help in any way.

  28. This is pretty insightful on the vaccines (and different brands): Beware the (lipid) nano particles | Dr. Lanka explains.. https://www.bitchute.com/video/joMoNghg3ALj/

    I just started detox, following your instructions. Bought a ton of fruit and only first days and already sweating like crazy (I was never really able to sweat) so I am confident I will get some good results. Will certainly share with everyone who wants to hear because I know people right now with cancer and who are doing the surgery, the chemotherapy. It is really sad.

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