Dr. Morse’s Q&A – COVID Vaccine, Cancers, Heart Failure and More #586


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00:00:00 - Intro - Silvia and Lisa shout-out
00:07:35 - COVID Vaccine
00:29:26 - Thyroid cancer
00:44:42 - Ovarian cancer
00:54:33 - Advanced heart failure
01:04:10 - Aggressive breast cancer


00:07:35 - COVID vaccine
How can someone detox the COVID vaccine out of the body? Is it just the standard detoxing that Dr. Morse talks about (kidney filtration, moving lymph, mainly fruit diet)?

00:29:26 - Thyroid cancer
I was diagnosed thyroid cancer and they recently mentioned it spread to my right lymph nodes. I have had tons of issues with my nervous system and inflammation to the point where I can feel it building up in my back and head when it happens and heart palpitations and extreme nervousness or anxiety.
- Rein

00:44:42 - Ovarian cancer
In May of 2020 1 was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. Fast forward to today I've had two surgeries 80 bulking and a resection of the colon and chemotherapy.
- Dawn

00:54:33 - Advanced heart failure
I cannot even begin to tell you my experience how I was literally fine, healthy, exercising, traveling and just overall happy with 2 beautiful girls.

01:04:10 - Aggressive breast cancer
I am a 37 year old female in Australia, diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer on Christmas Day in 2020. I turned down chemo and radio but had a partial mastectomy (right breast).
I have since been on a raw fruit, veg and nuts and seeds diet, plus meditation and colonics.
- Kendall

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  1. Love that you’ve made this platform for unfiltered raw truth! ❤ ❤ ❤ Peace and love to all my brothers and sisters ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Hi, Tiffany I’m Phil, I can totally appreciate, respect and resonate with your loving meaningful message.
      More than a Dr. Dr Morse is above and beyond so wonderful.
      A true blessing to all life on Earth and more.
      Peace love and joy with freedom, wisdom and intelligence

    • And GREAT LOVE to YOU Dr M❤️
      You have changed my life of health & healing in so, so many ways! I appreciate you and your hard working staff through these very hard and difficult times. My youngest daughter is not awake at this point and time and l am so afraid she is going to get vaxed and make her children ages 7 and 8 as well. She thinks it’s all conspiracy talking about the vax but yet she will not do the research to see for herself!! Pretty upset about it for sure.. thanks again for all your love!

    • I am interested in finding out more about the jab! What is the doctor’s name that Dr. Morse mentioned in this video in relation to the jab? I couldn’t quite make it out. Thank you for posting health information that everyone needs so much right now!

  2. Love Dr. Morse. Is it possible to push the water mark down a bit as its blocking Dr. Morse’s face and is very distracting. Thank you Dr. Morse, loving your TV channel xx

    • Hello Sunjewels!

      We just tested this to see what was going on and can see what you’re referring to. We’ve removed the watermark for the screen sizes where it was lifted up to the middle of the screen.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

  3. I can’t wait to make some lizard skin boots out of these Reptos Unk!! I can’t stand those pieces of galactic trash…all they do is steal technology and ruin planets😡

  4. Dr Morse you are a true prophet. I applaud you and truly appreciate your knowledge and wisdom. I am 66 but when I grow up I want to be just like you. Lol. I am on level II of your courses and will continue with iridology and more .
    Thanks again you are really needed in these dark times.

  5. Many wonderful blessings of higher consciousness, awesome awareness, advanced knowledge, innermost knowing, overcoming spirituality, extreme intelligence, fantastic biological freedom, overall health and interconnectedness in of divine eternal infinite soul source creation consciousness unconditional love.
    Along with the absolute truth, abundance of wisdom and extreme intelligence throughout all of creation. May all the darkness be completely recognized, totally isolated and fully eliminated from all aspects of creation within the divine plan of all creative diversity.

  6. Additionally.
    All evil corruption must face complete correction without any exception ever because this is the truth and law of all creation consciousness.
    No one actually gets away with anything!
    Love, light and strength.
    Energy, frequency and vibration.
    Welcome to the new wonderful age of Aquarius.

  7. Stage 2 Breast Cancer two years ago to Stage 1 a year ago to fully CURED last month after my annual check..
    I refused Chemo and radiation, with a strong belief that I could beat this and heal
    Your Supplements, my good organic daily diet, good friends,
    Thank you 🙏🏼 dr. Morse I have been following you and using your supplements for years, thank you for gracing our World with your knowledge
    “ I am not a Body
    I AM free
    I am still as God created me”
    My Mantra
    God Bless you 🙏🏼

  8. Thank you so much!! I love this wonderful channel who has given me so much knowledge about our health!!

  9. Thank You for the ongoing blessings received from the information given from Dr. Robert Moresend. I truly believe God sent Hs purpose into the earth to keep us from “ignorance” which is also representative of darkness. We are bearers of the light & salt of the earth. His teachings do just that. SHINE ON SIR, We are shining brighter each day. Thank You, I truly appreciate All You have done & continue to do. God Bless You.

  10. Re: Adverse effects in allopathy versus traditional natural medicine, I have learned through personal experience that dosing through posology creates more side effects, albeit non life threatening, than when using muscle testing kinesiology. Dr Morse, much respect but I’ve had to work out, in the past, what herbs in some of your formulas contributed to the exaggeration of some of my healing crisis and/or “body has reached saturation of,” overdosing of a herb.

  11. Great video Robert! I am starting my 9 year after T cell lymphoma diagnosis. Thank you for your detox and knowledge. Truly saved my life!

    • Hello Magdalena,

      I’ve watched your video and can symphathize with the frustration you have with this.

      I can recommend watching this video to understand why historically we always see this phenomenon of the biggest chunk of a society (~40%) being oblivious to or apathetic towards totalitarian trends, and the remaining chunks being either on the fence (~30-35%) or quickly realizing something is wrong and pushing back against it (~25-30%): https://morses.tv/video/the-covid-narrative-is-mass-hypnosis-professor-mattias-desmet/

  12. I did my first colon cleansing at age 24 following the Bernard Jensen protocol since then I did this 8 times more, including Liver/Parasit /Candida Cleanses now I am 25 years older and very blessed to listen to your sharings as I landed in a wheelchair and this after all my experience makes so much more sense!!! Since April 2021 on Fruits and through several INTENSE Healing Crisis and with your help in all your sharings I won’t give up 🙏👆🙏
    I am taking your Kidney Botanical from your Detox Kids now I start boosting my Endocrine System! I pray that my body returns to shape incl. my head, so I gather the strength to become a Dr. Morse Practitioner and share this Wisdom with others 😊 thank you for your support….. 🙏❤️🙏
    It opened up lots
    KerStin Gaia 👌💕🌹

  13. Very very good idea to make a website where videos can be displayed without any censorship. Keep the truth pouring, dear Dr. Morse. Cloudflare on top of it can help a lot (tell the IT guy). So much love and appreciation for Dr. Morse and his team.

  14. Thankyou so much for this unfiltered website Dr Morse @your team, I listen to your podcasts all the time and love your honest explanation of the lymphatic system and how it works, I look forward to more of your videos.
    Love from Adele in Scotland Uk 🥰🌿

  15. I am so happy you have a new platform to speak so honestly and candid. I have been working through the detox kits again. The emotional detox is always the interesting part for me. My health is 70% better then where I was in 2014. More work to do! Thank you for all that you do. Your Sarasota neighbor…Christina

  16. Hi Friends. ❤️

    Did anybody find the podcast from Australia, that the good Dr Morse talk about at the beginning of this video?

    Hugs to all

  17. Britain is still in World Bank System, it is one of biggest controllers. The Bank of England, is Rothschild money, same with US-Canadian Dollar along with EU currency, its all the same Rothschild banking system. When America gained independence its biggest mistake was holding on to the Rothschild banking system set up by the British, American’s only thought they got independence when in truth they continued to be controlled through the banking system set up by the Bank of England (Rothschilds).

  18. *I would love to get the Immune formula that the Herbalist that she created that turned her hair back to her natural color.
    **I want to build up my immune system and long to get back my natural hair color.
    ***Oh, and also turn my toxic blue eyes back to awesome blue again like when I was a teenager and early 20’s!
    ****I am anticipating a move to Florida, and am interested in studying through your schooling. How do I get more information about your schooling?
    Thank you, and God bless you and all that you do.
    As long as the earth remains, so shall seed time and harvest!
    In love
    Craig Wright

  19. Any advice for paresthesia? It seems odd that my legs, hamstrings down to toes, fall asleep so quickly when sitting semi lotus.

  20. Video downloader doesn’t work here – script blocking download.
    I use to like to download so i could watch offline and on other devices 🙁
    I thought this was an open community, its not an open community when your blocking video downloads with scripts.

    • It is a closed private community. You cannot even look around the store unless you first pay and register to join or download any information or material.

    • Hello Ophelia,

      This site was built by one person who suggested and volunteered to do it. There was no deliberate intention of blocking video downloads, but the technical solution to make this all work seems to inherently have video download blocking capabilities we weren’t aware of.

      But now we know, so I will put this on the roadmap of things to be looked at.

      In the meantime, you can always download these videos from our Rumble and Odysee channels. All Dr. Morse videos go there, too.

      Odysee: https://odysee.com/@robertmorsend:4

      Rumble: https://rumble.com/c/c-1029606

  21. He says we got to get the information out there, but to get the information and download material you first need to pay and register 💲💲💲

    • Hello DaveLee,

      I’ll assume you’re not here to just drag us down. 😉

      Can you tell me which information and material requires payment for?

      If you’re referring to http://www.drmorsesherbalhealthclub.com, I just spent a few seconds creating a fresh account to see if that is the case. It turns out registration is free and you immediately get access to everything.

      Also, I was informed the membership wall will be removed from the website in the near future.

    • It didn’t ask me for any billing information. I’m assuming donations would be optional. I don’t know how I stumbled across this guy, but I’m sure glad I did! He reminds me of my grandmother and things she would say. I wished she was alive today so I could tell her she was right about everything she told me!!! She knew…!

  22. Hello, thank you for this raw truth channel.
    I’ve been watching video 586 piecemeal. Unless I’m doing something wrong, the time stamps don’t seem to be working properly? Every time I go back to the video to pick up where I left off, I have to restart from the beginning. The 15 second forward/backward play arrows don’t seem to work either.
    On the positive flip side, I’m doing well on my grapes 🤪

  23. LOVE U DR MORSE!! Wondering if there is any ETA for the new Chem/metal tincture? Thank you for EVERYTHING and all the knowledge you spread! 🙂

    • Hi Sammy! ❤️

      I can recommend giving the clinic a call about this, that’ll be the best way to find out. 🙂

  24. A true blessing to many. Could you please do a video on treatment for people who have already taken the vax … there are many people who regret taking the vax and now need help … pleeeeeeease.

  25. Please talk more about the spiritual side of things and the reptilians, we are ready for that. Don’t hold yourself back anymore so us that need you can find you

  26. Dr. Morse can you make a video talking about the documentary “Died Suddenly” that you recently posted? I am scared for my parents who got the vaccine. They are 2 hours away from you in Florida so i’m saving up to make an appointment for my mom. She has “MS” (Epstein Barr) and unable to walk without a cane. I’m working on getting her eye photos to you!

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