The Ideal Diet, Health Myths and Detoxification | Dr. Robert Morse | Dillon Olias


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Dr. Robert Morse is a naturopathic doctor, master herbalist and author. Dr. Morse has been reversing diseases naturally for 1000s of people over the past 5 decades. We spoke about: The true diet humans should be eating, how to naturally reverse chronic diseases, mainstream health myths, building muscle and even how Dr Morse regrew a toe.


0:00 - Intro
0:40 - What is health?
1:50 - What is man designed to eat?
7:50 - What causes disease? Acids vs alkaline
10:50 - The importance of the lymphatic system
12:20 - Alkaline forming foods
14:20 - Does medication actually work?
16:15 - What are the most powerful fruits?
17:25 - Your brain converts glucose into fructose
18:15 - Acids, chemotherapy and the pH scale
19:20 - What do the kidneys and lymphatic system do?
23:00 - Kidney disease & common myths
28:20- How to stay positive & take back control of your life
31:00 - What is iridology?
33:20 - Should our urine be clear?
35:00 - How do herbs work?
37:05 - Herbs for mental health & brain & gut connection
38:50 - B12, blood tests & premature aging
41:10 - Regrowing a toe with his diet & protocol
42:30 - Breastmilk, protein & raising children?
45:50 - Naturopathic vs allopathic approach
49:25 - Science vs ancient wisdom
51:20 - Meditation & out of body experiences
53:40- Medication & detoxification
56:30 - Mucoid plaque: Is it real? what causes it?
59:20 - Building muscle, protein & calorie myths
1:01:40 - Fasting, Hydration & minerals
1:04:20 - Teeth & dental issues
1:06:15 - How to make the body more alkaline
1:11:15 - Rapid fire questions

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful interview, and for speaking the truth as you always do dear Dr Morse 🙂

  2. I thought if you are truly healthy your body has unlimited endurance but Dr. Morse says your body’s endurance has a limit if truly healthy. Does not make sense. I think he has it backwards.

  3. Aren’t berries and melons fruits? Then why always say fruits berries and melons? Just say fruits.

    • When Dr. Morse says “fruits, berries, and melons,” he does so as a way to highlight the unique benefits and roles of each group in the diet. It’s a way to emphasize their individual importance.

      In similar fashion, we distinguish between acid, sub-acid, sweet, and non-sweet fruits, as each type can serve a specific purpose depending on your health situation and sensitivities.

      • Also, I thought the acid , sub acid and sweet fruits were separated for proper food combining. Acid can be eaten with sub acid fruits but not with sweet fruits and sub acid can be eaten with sweet fruits. Thank you for clearing that up with the additional information.

      • I almost forgot. Melons should only be eaten alone with no other fruits or of course, with nothing else.

  4. Dr Morse was asked if he were to recommend one book what would it be?
    He said anything by Jay (Kay) Christian Murdy??
    This is probably completely wrong but I played it over a few times.
    I have tried googling but no joy there, so if you could post the name of the author please.
    Thankyou so much 🙂

  5. So what Dr. Morse is saying if you commit suicide you come back as a new born and get a second chance in life. I know a lot of people would like that. I think that is not correct because it is as if you are not being punished for the ultimate sin (taking your own life).I thought you went to a far worse existence if you killed yourself.

  6. I have hepatitis C and been battling it since I found out over 25 years ago. I’ve tried many things. Doing Dr. Morris fruit diet and herbs. I was able to drop my viral load to 100,000 but soon as I came off the fruit diet still eating fruit just not 100%. My viral level went back into the million. I use a True Rife machine. I use a True Rife machine I eat lots of fruits. I do Dr. Morrises herbs. I am now trying a new product called Asea. What do you think? I have been losing hair probably over 75% of my hair. I need help.

    • Hi Theresa,

      Note that the hair loss you’re experiencing may be as a result of your body’s detoxification process. According to Robert the body will remove from itself all damaged tissues, that were constructed out of prior dietary habits, that it deems necessary. However he assures that the tissue will rebuild itself correctly after enough detoxing if a person remains ongoing generally in a raw frugivore dietary habit. Breaking as necessary into more veg to suit a persons particular needs is certainly suitable. Balance is key. Detox work can at times be rigorously challenging and it is ok if not absolutely necessary to break from it a bit for awhile.
      I’ve found this assertion to be so importantly correct in my personal application of transitioning into a raw fruitarian diet. Detox / cleanse and sometimes done aggressively then considerately break so as to let up from the tough trials of aggressive cleansing.

      Note too that l am not a certified detox specialist just a practicing detoxification enthusiast, applying upon myself and family of Dr. Morse’s healing advice. You may consider contact to his clinic or find a certified detox healing specialist who can guide and counsel you through what can sometimes be an arduous process. has a locater tool for Dr. Morse certified detoxification specialists. His clinic too possibly may be able to help if they are capable in their certainly busy schedule.

      We can as healing up travelers sometimes feel a bit rough and we can appear a bit rough during times of cleansing & renewal. There’s a shiny gem being cut upon by a master stone cutter is how l like to call it. During the process not much to see then one day aha a beautifully cut luminescent gem appears unto our’s and other’s amazement! Note that even master stone cutters most certainly must take breaks now and then.

      Also make certain that our physical bodies are just our vehicles. We are the ones using these vehicles temporarily and as such we are essentially not really the vehicle itself as ultimately that of what we are is simply the contents within the vehicle.

      Another note on our vehicles condition is that the detoxification process can sometimes physically exhibit outwardly some gnarly appearances of what is occurring within us physically. Robert touches on this in his latest vid.

      Rife frequency treatment l haven’t much comment on as l haven’t had any experience with myself but my wife has had a few Rife foot bath detoxes. Some gnarly colors and substances of curiosity were shown as comprised within the remaining h2o of some of the foot baths she had. Another reminder & assurance of what offenses lay underneath. Some Japanese & others use foot detox pads worn during sleeping and rest time that are purported to assist greater cleansing.

      Rosemary oil applied topically is a consideration for hair loss.
      You may need to use in combining with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut, almond or jojoba oil perhaps. Test try a tiny amount certainly well away from the eyes, Rosemary is strong, to check for being ok with it. There are other carrier oils.

      Hope this helps you!
      I encourage you to keep at it!
      However, again, there’s absolutely no shame in breaking from dietary cleansing or detoxification protocols for a bit if you feel you’re needing rest from the detoxing process.
      These are just a few ideas among so many out there that could be potentially workable answers for you that if you use fair trial of you’ll find that which works for ya! But this note please consider as most important ***** l do absolutely agree with Robert that transitioning to a raw mostly fruit or possibly all fruit dietary habit is key. And kidney filtration shown by collected urine frig stored in sealed glass container exhibiting lymphatic waste sediment no doubt is very important as well. Dry fasting is very helpful to achieve kidney filtration. Dry fasting doesn’t have to be durational as it can be done intermittently and still capable to assist a person to achieve filtration. These two, fruits and filtration, & herbs too, are no doubt important keys to returning wellness from what l can gather.

      With much love & hope to you to strengthen you in your healing process,

      Todd B

    • Hello Theresa,

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  7. WoW is all I can say, this has been the best video yet!!!! Thank you and lots of LOVE

  8. What is the book he would read if he could read only one book? It’s hard to understand what he says. He’s asked at the very end of the video. Please and thank you!

  9. great interview that does a good job covering some of Dr Morse’s incredible wisdom and heart.

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