Dr. Morse's Q&A - Restless Legs, Fatigue, Cyst on Testicle, Stage 4 Breast Cancer and More #713


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00:00:00 - Intro - Exciting things coming!
00:03:20 - Laryngospasms
00:07:20 - Restless legs - Cracked fingers, heels and toes - Low Hgb, Low iron - Fatigue
00:20:40 - Cyst on testicle
00:25:11 - Stage 4 breast cancer - Spine - Ribs - Lymphedema in arm
00:43:10 - Large pores, crates or holes on face


00:03:20 - Laryngospasms
What do you think is causing me to have them and how may I never have one again?

00:07:20 - Restless legs - Cracked fingers, heels and toes - Low Hgb, Low iron - Fatigue
How can I correct anemia, increase energy and heal my skin?

00:20:40 - Cyst on testicle
Can I use black salve on a testicle to remove a cyst on the testicle?

00:25:11 - Stage 4 breast cancer - Spine - Ribs - Lymphedema in arm
Can Mercury Amalgams in my mouth cause cancer? Would it help to remove them?

00:43:10 - Large pores, crates or holes on face
When I go to the doc they pretty much tells me it's not fixable. I'm hoping I can gain knowledge and solutions from you.

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  1. Thank you for your time Dr.Morse and your knowledge!!! You’re the BEST and…. I love you to the moon and back!! ♥♥♥
    P.S. Happy belated birthday!! ♥

      • Is it safe to detox with implants? Hip and knee.

        Thx so much ,


      • Hi Jim,

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  2. Hello Dr. Morse,
    You are the best! I found you on YouTube in the month of October 2017.
    I am a 73 year old male with some health issues, and not knowing at that time that I created them. I have since watched many of your videos, I also own “The Detox Miracle Sourcebook.” Since finding you, my health has greatly improved. I also buy many of your wonderful herbs to assist my journey to wellville.
    You are definitely one of God’s angels doing God’s work.
    Thank you again for all that you do to heal us physically and spiritually!!

  3. Absolutely, I think Patty should write an A & P book! One that speaks the truth <3 blessings on your venture Patty!

  4. I remember looking at my eyes with a flashlight and there was a smaller spot closer to the outside of the eye. I thought it was the ovary spot..Now I look and the spot is larger and closer to the pupil..so is it getting better or worse…I have a swollen parathyroid and spirit has lead me to you..

  5. What bout omega cold pressed n coconut for out side and in side?? Cracked , also yeasty parisites herbs ?? N remove mucus?? Hot cold , fungus infections is real peaceful thoughts n feelings 🦋🧚🏽💫💭💜👍🏼🤓🐝

  6. There’s a chiropractor on YT by the name of Dr. Dan Bockmann, he seems like a really good soul, unfortunately he’s stage 4 and already past the expiration date he was given by the bringer-of-death (my term for allopathic doctors). As he chronicles his health and the ‘treatments’ he is undergoing I’m shaking my head as he’s literally doing the complete opposite of what he should be, eating all the wrong things. I’ll continue to reach out to him but people are so invested in this religion of allopathy and it’s high priests.

    All that to say this, you folks at the clinic really are the Great Work fighting against the powers of darkness in high places. You have my eternal respect. Much love and blessings!

  7. Thank you very much! Watched hundreds of your videos.

    First found out about you on youtube 2017 and everything you said on the video “open debate on fruit sugar” made so much sense that it was a very euphoric experience. Finally finding what i was looking for to finally fully heal this body.

    Notice on this page popped up that you are reuploading old videos. Definitely upload that one, it was one the best ones in my opinion, seen it many, many times. Another great one was “4 stages from health to death” or something like that.

    For anyone else reading this, stay strong! It takes a lot of discipline to go through detoxification, but its all worth it. I still have a lot of work to do myself, but during these years, experimenting with myself, i now know for sure what works and what doesnt. These videos are telling you the truth.

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