Dr. Morse's Q&A - COVID, Neoplasms, Herpes Simplex, Mold Toxicity and More #709


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:01:55 - COVID - Health issues
00:14:09 - Neoplasms/Endocrine cysts
00:19:34 - HSV-1 and HSV-2
00:21:43 - Mold toxicity


00:01:55 - COVID - Health issues
Dr. Morse, my body is deteriorating, I have 1 child and another on the way in 4 months.

00:14:09 - Neoplasms/Endocrine cysts
How can I fight off the Toxic Exposures which I incurred during my military service from January 1978 - February 1980, which all occurred in The Panama Canal Zone.

00:19:34 - HSV-1 and HSV-2
I wanted to know if the Grape Fast is the BEST fast for HSV 1 and 2?

00:21:43 - Mold toxicity
At the young age of 9, my son Nathan has digestion issues due to what appears to be mold toxicity.

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  1. Hello Dearest one…….so grateful every time a new video is posted. No matter how much I watch and read from you, I continue to learn. I’ve completed Level 1, and can’t wait to do more. Unfortunately, I just closed my storefront business. However, it’s an opportunity to now focus on what my passion of 35 years, started with my first daughters birth, Natural Health and helping others! I live near Patty and would love for us to be able to create something special in St. Louis. My goal is to come visit you, and perhaps do an interview. I can’t wait to be in your presence, and give you the biggest hug. My empathy knows yours. Even though it causes many tears via others sufferings, it also provides such a beautiful peace and understanding. Love & blessings to you!

    • I am also in St Louis and wish we could get something going here as well. There are so many sickly people where I work and no one will listen. I wish everyone the best that are part of this journey.

      • That’s great! I have a daughter in Princeton Heights near St. Louis Hills, and another in Lake St. Louis. Habits are so hard for people to break, regarding no one listening.

    • Hi Christina,

      Todd B here,
      My wife, children and l are across the state from you here in SW MO. That would be awesome to coordinate a Dr. Morse group. Count us in.
      A Summer Fruit Festival or simply small Morse group meetup @ the Arch perhaps? Forrest Park?

      + as for ourselves, we would make date @ St. Louis University Hospital Neurosurgery Department to show Dr. Abdulrauf & team what a frugivore diet can do for neuro recovery with complications.

      Yeah l can definitely relate to y’ll about the denial of others not wanting to break dietary habits so as to attain their better, greater – highest potential wellness.
      It is truly heartbreaking for sure. Sometimes l feel really saddened for people’s reluctance to give fruit a fair trial so as to effectively alleviate some, if not all of their suffering. It’s certainly great to become more well. It’d be awesome to see others get more wellness for themselves too.

      Anyways, nonetheless,

      Keep at it
      Keep showing up
      +Keep the faith
      =Some wisened ones will eventually come around.

      Peace, Love, Fruit, Herbs,
      ✌️ 💛 🍋 🌿
      Todd B

      ps wife K & l, as you & others have the same shared goal to make it to Pt. Charlotte someday to meet up with & hug a man whose adeptly leading, guiding to help humanity’s return to better wellness in regards of dietary manner & spiritual enlightenment.

      T H A N K Y O U R O B E R T ! ! !


      • In regards to Robert’s spiritual teaching of his suggestion that there’s no need in seeking that which you already are is a majorly huge advancement in greater awareness!

        Chow for now as it is time to mix up a berry, coconut milk, ripened up banana smoothie!

    • I’m familiar with St Louis Hills and Lake St Louis. Are they also healthy conscious like yourself? I’m starting a thirty day juice fast tomorrow (Dr Morse would probably give me a mini lecture…lol)

  2. Great content! Thank you Dr Morse ! Just would be cool if we can still watch these while phone on rest mode.

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