Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Spiritual Questions #685


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  1. Wonderful video. Love 💕 these kinds of videos. More please. Sending love 💕 from El Salvador 🇸🇻

    • Hello Alice! For the best chance of getting a response from Dr. Morse in a future video, please fill out the Ask Dr. Morse TV form here: https://morses.tv/ask/

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  2. Im sorry to hear about your YouTube channel. However I am glad to come across your website! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

    • When Dr. Morse first started back in 2011, his videos fell within YouTube’s community guidelines. Those guidelines have since changed multiple times to the point where pretty much all videos discussing health conditions were no longer acceptable. So at first, they decided to shadowban our channel several years back.

      Then they started giving us random strikes. But this time, they decided to pull the plug entirely. Thankfully, we prepared as much as were able to.

  3. My Spirituality has been suppressed since being on a higher dose antipsychotic since the middle of last year. I have lost my connection to Source.

  4. Much gratitude for much precious knowledge review from your live videos fitting much better on your website 👍✨💯✨

    Keep it high loving from your beautiful heart as your team follows with you and the ones listening watching awesome truthful fonction of body mind soul frequencies 💗✨

  5. I’ve come here to learn. Thank you for this channel. I treat all w natural herbs, will never ever take meds

    • Hey Sherry,

      We’re so glad to hear that you’re here to learn and that you choose natural remedies for your health.

      Dr. Morse’s teachings are all about embracing the healing power of nature, especially herbs. ❤️

  6. Love you Dr Morse! ugh.. utube!?! the suppression this last 4 years is unreal!! so thankful I can still find you!!

    I recommend you often to others on utube and worried for a minute that I may have flagged you up!? lol.. as I do say your teachings can heal all sorts incl. the c word! and as we know the cancer industry is one big monster corporation protecting its profits at all costs.

    thankyou for your wisdom on these times we’re in..love to hear more on these topics! I feel we mustn’t give it our emotional concern as over these years I’ve become awake to how humanity is being played and that we are watching massive propaganda.. a movie.. whether you believe in Q , Trump, White hats or not..our spiritual journey right now is not to buy fear , to be sovereign, stand for our rights , and know we are in incredible times , we’re safe and the future after this next year will be a beautiful world. the fish tank is just being cleaned right now and it never looks good when the swamp sludgy stuff is being disturbed. remember, the covid narrative was right in front of us..propaganda and the fake news is at an all time high don’t believe it but boy will it wake everyone up! with mass awareness of all the corruption humanity can then get rid of the scum once and for all and build that beautiful new world. keep that resilience, not long now, love to you all ❤️ 💖

    • Hi Sarah!

      Your message truly resonates with us, and we appreciate your continuous support for Dr. Morse’s teachings and your efforts to spread his wisdom.

      It’s indeed disheartening to see the suppression of natural healing methodologies, but we’re also encouraged by the growing awareness and exploration of alternatives.

  7. I’m so thankful for everything you do Dr. Robert Morse. The information and energy I have gained from you is a true blessing as I will always cherish it! You Tube is showing their true colors once again, but I’m sure you and your team will stay strong like always. With love and light thank you.

    • Hi Keith,

      We’re so grateful for your kind words. It’s a true joy to hear that Dr. Morse’s teachings and energy have offered you value.

      It’s a challenging time with censorship, but please rest assured that we’ll keep pushing forward!

  8. Dr Morse is looking more & more like a Taoist master. I guess it’s what spiritually developed and detoxified people look like.

  9. Dear Dr Morse, thank you so much for showing the book Raw Food Feast in your video, It looks amazing, I’ve just ordered a copy of it for myself, and look forward to trying the recipes,
    I’m very sorry to hear the YT channel was taken down, they don’t like us knowing the truth about health at all, but I’m very grateful you are always here to watch, send you much love and *Hugs*

  10. Thank you, Dr. Morse, what you present here is what I have been feeling and thinking all this time and is very reassuring. It’s a knowing that comes from inside of my being. Thank you again.

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