Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Glaucoma, Type 1 Diabetes, Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma and More #675


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00:00:00 - Intro - Pictures and books!
00:06:15 - Glaucoma
00:17:03 - Papillary thyroid carcinoma
00:38:15 - Type 1 diabetes, Cyst and mass on ovary
00:44:56 - L-2-hydroxyglutaric aciduria
00:53:24 - Natural Hygiene, Hair loss


00:06:15 - Glaucoma
What can I do to relieve the high eye pressure naturally and thus preserve my vision?

00:17:03 - Papillary thyroid carcinoma
I went and got a total thyroid removal and a high dose of radioactive Iodine.

00:38:15 - Type 1 diabetes, Cyst and mass on ovary
Has anyone been successful getting off insulin?

00:44:56 - L-2-hydroxyglutaric aciduria
There is a beautiful lady named Vittoria in our little village who has two children now aged 13 and 11 who were both diagnosed with L2 hydroxyglutaric aciduria when younger.

00:53:24 - Natural Hygiene, Hair loss
Many of us are confused about these opposing views and teachings.

Key Takeaways from this Video:

  • Herbs and botanicals play an important role in health and shouldn't be considered toxic or poisonous. T.C. Fry had outdated views that all herbs are toxic.
  • A raw fruit-based diet could help children with L2 hydroxyglutaric acidemia by addressing the underlying lymphatic and acid-alkaline imbalance. Children should be supported with raw fruits, berries, melons, and herbs targeted at the kidneys, lymph, and other systems.
  • Hair loss can occur when detoxing aggressively on a raw diet as the body eliminates toxins and weaknesses through the hair follicles. This is temporary, and new hair will regrow once the body strengthens.
  • Conditions like cysts, tumors, and glandular weaknesses are indications of lymphatic stagnation and an acidic condition in the body. Targeting drainage and alkalization through diet and herbs can help resolve such issues without need for surgery in some cases.
  • Genetic weaknesses make cells potentially more vulnerable but genetic conditions aren't the root cause of deterioration. An acidic internal environment from poor lymphatic function and diet is what actually breaks cells down over time.

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  1. What are you drinking there dr Mors☺️
    and thank you for the videos 💜💚💜💚

  2. I used to be Alumni Dr Morse but when I was in psychosis I asked the clinic to delete my student records and files. I never used Level 1 & Lymphatic Iridology in a clinical setting as in Australia it would be illegal to practice without an accredited BHSc in Naturopathy, which I did not complete.

  3. Hey Dr. Morse!
    I just found your content randomly on youtube after searching for information on Candida. I went down the rabbit hole and really vibed with what you are talking.

    I’m 23 and don’t have a whole bunch of medical knowledge history, but I gotta say it’s great to be have been able to find your spirit at the place I’m at in my life right now. You are very consistent and have a really interesting and beautiful outlook/delivery on things, and it’s great!!

    I hope I could see you on Joe Rogan, Duncan Trussell’s family hour, or any comedy podcasts like that someday… That would be so cool.

    Keep rocking!!

  4. Greetings,
    The video was very informative!!
    Dr Morse spoke about the response of type 2 diabetics on the fruit diet however I’m interested in knowing if it’s common for type I to experience similar blood sugar spikes and what is the usual time frame for this reaction to improve. Also what would be an acceptable increase during the adjustment phase (ex. Baseline 130 increase to 180)? Thanks

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