Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Lichen Planus, Breast Cancer, EMF Sensitivity, Migraines and More #648


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:05:31 - Lichen Planus, SIBO, Cyclospora, Digestive Issues
00:22:28 - EMF sensitivity
00:38:52 - Metastatic breast cancer
00:51:52 - High testosterone
00:57:50 - Migraines


00:05:31 - Lichen Planus, SIBO, Cyclospora, Digestive Issues
I've been trying to find answers on how I can heal my body from Lichen planus and my digestive issues.

00:22:28 - EMF sensitivity
I am what they call a not informed consent chipped subject. I was exposed to horrific trauma since.

00:38:52 - Metastatic breast cancer
I've eaten 10 days of fresh juices and also ten days of fresh fruit. But have became symptomatic with a condition of having low blood sugar?

00:51:52 - High testosterone
I am 48 and have high sex hormone binding globulin (score is 75), high testosterone, but also some ED.

00:57:50 - Migraines
What diet and herbs to reduce number of migraine headaches?

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  1. Thank you God for Dr. Morse. what a blessing to have come to find you, Dr. Morse, with all the information that I needed to hear and know and realize. Thank you God and thank you Dr Morse and your team. May the Blessings Be.

  2. Please add closed caption(cc) to your Instrgram videos so that I and other deaf people don’t miss out. Thank you

    • Love this info. I have so many issues anemic as in low ferritin its a 4. Fibromyalgia, Graves’ dis-ease, TED, probably peri menopause lol no thyroid it was removed in 2015 due to hashimoto. At this point I think doctors are just throwing fancy words at me. Im tired, sluggish, I dont poop regularly ugh! Slight gastritis.. even tho gastro dr never did a scope test. Im so sick of drs. Im 44 earth years 5’7 pain in lower back L5 hernated. Neck pain migraine. Idk what to take but listening to these vids gives me hope.

  3. When someone tells me it doesn’t matter what we eat, I always say, so does that mean I can put crappy gas in my tank or maybe use sugar water to run my car. It’s ALL beyond stupidity.

  4. I rebuilt my body weight by mono eating a lot of avocados, this year. My gallbladder has no issues digesting them after 11 years on raw.


  5. My phone and IG were hacked earlier this year. If anyone has the PDF copies of my Eating Like Monkeys books could you possibly email them to [email protected]?


  6. much love Dr Morse thanks for caring and sharing
    wishing you all the best this holiday season 💜👈👍👍👍🙂

  7. Thank you so much Dr Morse for the advice. I am the lady with EMF sensitivity. Your advices are always on point. I am in fact in my spirituality journey and believe I was targeted due to this fact. I am so grateful to what you doing not too many are telling the truth. I also refused to get vaccine despite of I am already chipped b/c of my spirituality I am able to connect with higher power and spend so much time in nature.

  8. Dear Dr Moss I’m a new follower of yours. I am not a vegan but I’m a believer of yours. I found out MS is Lyme borreliosis and I created a cheat sheet for demyelination illness’s http://www.measslainte.ie hope it helps someone here. I really appreciate your work 🙏💪💪

  9. special thanks to anyone and everyone keeping this website running, posting new videos, adding time stamps.
    Robert, i’m learning so much from you. you could just be “resting”, and you’re doing this, for free. thanks, man.

  10. To the legendary Dr Morris make sure that you never change who you are I don’t care how many times I hear it it’s like I heard it for the first time eat your fruit berries and melons clean yourself up starting with the kidneys and adrenals and your GI tract amen God bless you!

  11. Dr. Morse is there anything that can be done healthwise to counteract the effects of an individual with beta thalassemia minor?

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