Dr. Morse's Q&A - Migraines, Pain, Depression, Hodgkin's Lymphoma and More #589


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00:00:00 - Intro - Toxicity
00:18:08 - Migraines
00:48:40 - Testosterone levels
01:01:01 - Shoulder pain, back pain, depression
01:15:20 - Hodgkin's lymphoma

00:18:08 - Migraines
My name is Osayi , I am 28 years old and I have been suffering from migraines for over 7 years now.

00:48:40 - Testosterone levels
Do you know the number of Dr Morse' videos that talk about excess testosterone levels?

01:01:01 - Shoulder pain, back pain, depression
Pain in left lower thumb (been told arthritis)
Lower back pain for years, managed with yoga, and before chiropractor, seems settled at moment.
When I get a cold it often goes into my chest, since having bronchitis years ago. -Lisa

01:15:20 - Hodgkin's lymphoma
Last year I underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma grade 2, lymph nodes enlarged in the neck and mediastinum on the left side. -Anita

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    • Hi Troy! We’ve played the video around 17:15 on a few different devices and all sounded fine. Hopefully the rest of the video is playing fine for you. 🙂

  1. Dr Morse
    You are a kind and generous person for sharing your years of experience and teaching us about what we are doing to our miraculously cellularly made bodies by what we consume. Your explanation of the two sides of chemistry is so simple. I wait in anticipation every day hoping for more wonderful information from you. Again, thank you sir.

  2. We need mucus, its a natural solvent in the body, a cleaner, that helps in the cellular cleansing. I have noticed in some videos you portraying mucus as something bad, solvents keep us healthy and we need them. I eat lots of spices and peppers, it does get the mucus running but when that clears I have nice clear airways ready for meditation. When you need to clear the airways or any congestion the mucus breaks it up and out it runs.

    • The body mainly produces mucus to protect our cells from acids and it is always good to get the mucus out of you. Acid residue foods make the body produce more mucus to protect cells from the burning effects of the acids and alkaline forming foods (raw ,ripe fruit) pull the acids and mucus out of the cells to be expelled from the body. I am spitting out, blowing my nose and getting plenty of mucus out and feel much better afterwards.

  3. All people should know that taking any isolates (like drugs and synthetic vitamins) only lead to major health problems and that definitely includes all vaccinations (which also contain toxic metals and viruses). The schools do not teach any of the truthful things about real health that Dr. Morse teaches. They just teach if you get sick, go to your medical doctor and take synthetic chemicals ( drugs) that the medical doctor prescribes.

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