Dr. Morse’s Q&A - Iridology, Pain, Type 1 Diabetes and More #633


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:02:54 - Iridology question
00:27:42 - Question from Detox Teacher
00:51:13 - Diet regime
01:11:00 - Sudden pain
01:23:42 - Type 1 Diabetes


00:02:54 - Iridology question
When looking at the Dr. Bernard Jensen Iridology map for both eyes, there's both a blue and a white Bronchioles section of the iris.

00:27:42 - Question from Detox Teacher
I drew up a diagram to provide a visual representation of the increasing severity of diseases as acids continue to build up in the body.

00:51:13 - Diet regime
Could please Dr. Morse address what diet/regime is recommended to be kept to rebuild oneself after a regenerative detoxification protocol?

01:11:00 - Sudden pain
7 years ago during a cold a sudden pain developed at the middle of my upper back, between my shoulder blades.

01:23:42 - Type 1 Diabetes
Do I keep carrying on with the grapes or is it not for diabetics?

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    • Hey Jeremy,

      Todd B up here in southern MO. Yes l too agree with you for Robert & crew to embrace recovery! The best office on this earth has gotta come back around better than ever! It for sure no doubt will!

      Kenda and l are on our 188 day of ALL 100% whole plant & 100% raw. Amazed at the incredible healing up love this is providing us! We’ve had only one break with just a bit of cooked at a vegan potluck. It seems we’ve finally found the de facto perfect dietary habit.
      Raw Rawks! It’s been super fun to more fully wake up our bodies/minds/spirits.

      Btw How did you all fare in Naples?
      I hope well.

      Be strong our Florida friends in Pt. Charlotte & Naples!!

      See you around,


    • To Saul Estey,

      What may sound like cuckoo stuff at first hearing of raw fruitarian l assure you can impressively & very capably save lives my friend.

      I wouldn’t knock it till ya try it.
      This is superfine ultra real deal of healing knowledge you’ve come across here.

      Given raw fruitarian dietary practice some fair time amount of trial likely would be an outcome that would be of your continual amazement. Be aware though that deeper detoxes, as achieving these are the whole point, happen.

      By my personal experience of practicing raw fruitarian dietary habit l’ve been way amazed nearly nonstop for 5 years now.
      Morse’s teachings are top notch spot on genius. His knowledge applied helps provide a person with much greater opportunity of true healing & personal empowerment.

      Hope you’ll consider studying his knowledge & info provided. Applying his suggestions will no doubt improve a person’s wellness.

      Be well,

      Todd B

  1. Individuality & Solidarity…when the 2 become 1…Amen!…¶….. since they are perfect individuals and dwell all together, joined with the mind, the guardian which I provided, who taught you (sg.). And it is the power that exists within you that often extended itself as word from the Triple-Powered One, that One of all those who truly exist with the Immeasurable One, the eternal Light of the Knowledge that appeared, the male virginal Youth, the first of the Aeons from a unique triple-powered Aeon, the Triple-Powered-One who truly exists, for when he was stilled, was extended and when he was extended, he became complete and he received power from all of them. He knows himself and the perfect Invisible Spirit. And he came to be in an Aeon who knows that she knows That One. And she became Kalyptos, who acted in those whom she knows. He is a perfect, invisible, noetic Protophanes-Harmedon. And empowering the individuals, she is a Triple-Male. And being individually …
    (5 lines missing)
    … individual on the one hand, they are together on the other hand, since she is an existence of theirs, and she sees them all also truly. She contains the divine Autogenes.”

  2. Dr. Morse: Roe v. Wade gave us the freedom to make our choices. This is not the Federal government telling us what to do. Why would we change this for letting the State tell us what to do???

  3. Namaste Dr. Morse first of all thank you for your willingness to serve and educate the people,I was inquiring to see if you can do a video, and regiment for severe schleroderma thanks in advance GOD BLESS

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