Dr. Morse’s Q&A - Hip Replacement, Hair Loss, Spirit Attacks and More #599


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00:00:00 - Intro - Wedding pictures
00:02:47 - Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer
00:28:30 - Hip replacement - Eye pictures
00:54:52 - Spiritual discussion
00:57:39 - IBS - Hair loss
01:15:46 - Thyroid - Spirit attacks
01:19:18 - Liver disease - Jaundice- Ascites- Spirituality


00:02:47 Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer
Can you tell me what to do to make more progress? Also, what to do to prevent the tumor from coming through the skin?

00:28:30 - Hip replacement
I had a total right hip replaced back in 2010 , it was metal on metal and my body has been rejecting it ever since.

00:57:39 - IBS - Hair loss
General health issues - Kathleen from Ontario

01:15:46 - Thyroid - Spirit attacks
I've been dealing with low vibrational spirits for years not knowing where to turn to or how to fix it.

01:19:18 - Liver disease - Jaundice- Ascites - Spirituality
Could I have done anything to prevent my dad's death?

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  1. This video really hit home. It is very difficult to not force truth on people sometimes. Especially your loved ones. Love ya, Doc!

    • What wonderful & amazing advice Dr Morse gives at the end!! I needed to hear that cause I am having g troubles in the area pretty bad right now..how can I give other people advice and not go through with that with my ownself!! So thank you for that..thank you for many years of wonderful advice and helping me heal!! Love you for all you do!

  2. Thank you so much Dr. Morse….I am going on the grapes only and your herbs. I sure love you..Cindi

  3. Please help!!! Any information and advice will be taken and used, I need all the help I can get I’m desperate. 40 yr old female double hip replacement from osteoarthritis pain and damage. Now, it’s moved to my ankles and there due for surgery in June. I’m sad and depressed with constant pain.

  4. Hi there, I watched a video a few weeks ago and Dr. Morse mentioned what herbs to take for salt cravings. I believe he said it was connected to adrenal fatigue but I cannot remember, please help thank you!

  5. 04 03 24 Liver enzyme is high. Get the kidney to filter. She has cancer & tumor didn’t shrink. Kidneys are not filtering
    If that happens tumor can push out the skin to get out. Try using black salve.
    Body rejecting metal due to hip replacement

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