Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Coma, Chronic Kidney Disease and More #679


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:17:28 - Health and Fitness
00:34:10 - Coma
00:43:51 - Chronic kidney disease
01:00:24 - Duchenne muscular dystrophy


00:17:28 - Health and Fitness
What's the best way to build muscle and strength on a fruit diet?

00:34:10 - Coma
I am writing on behalf of my 40-year-old cousin who is currently in a coma due to brain damage resulting from a lack of oxygen to both sides of her brain.

00:43:51 - Chronic kidney disease
I am 23-year-old kidney failure patient going for dialysis twice a week. I only have left kidney by birth.

01:00:24 - Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Can it be cured? My grandson has lost most of the use of his arms and legs.

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  1. Hello Fantastic Soul,

    I am wondering about Eckankar and Harold Klemp, because I am a Chela for almost a year and I do not feel a real connection with Harold Klemp to be my Mahanta. But I want to grow and learn spiritual insights, so what to do next when I do not feel him as my Mahanta.? I love the teachings of Eckankar.

    It is a shame you do not realize that Edema’s are a crucial part of the healing process. When tissue goes into healing, this means it does this ALWAYS in a fluid environment that is called an Edema. This is the meganism the body uses for a good healing environment > This is all pre-programmed. The body is a vehicle and every vehicle is pre-programmed. Please Robert, look into learningGNM.com to understand this and imply this into your teachings, because I love your hard effort and your successes with your Herbal Formula’s and your Spiritual teachings really much. You really deserve this succes. Missing this part of understanding is a shame, it makes you understand so much more about how the body is pre-programmed. There is for example no coincidence why a woman has breastcancer on the left breast instead of the right or vice versa, nothing to to with septic tanks on the left. GNM has this all figured out, use it my FRIEND. It is out there for everybody to use, so use it and imply it into your program. I tell you this because I really want you to have SO MUCH SUCCESS, you deserve this, learn this Robert, see the video ‘The Five Biological Laws’ of GNM at First and you will fall in love with this.

    With much LOVE my friend,


  2. Dr. Morse, do you believe the bible is true? If so, then the bible explains what man (all humans) are allowed to eat. In Adam and EVE times humans were only allowed to eat fruits and vegetables but after Jesus Christ died for our sins, the bible tells that humans are allowed to eat a variety of different foods. That being: certain meats, fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, beans, nuts ect. Can you explain?

    • Hi Nick! For the best chance of getting a response from Dr. Morse in a future video, please fill out the Ask Dr. Morse TV form here: https://morses.tv/ask/

      Alternatively (and probably better in your case), you can email your question to: [email protected]


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      📞 +1 (941) 255-1970

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  3. Hi Doc !!~ Until I started my DrMorse journey~ I too ate my dessert first~ sometimes it was main dish and had dessert after 😬~ hence why after 7 years of slowly working on myself I’m still digging~ I hurt myself so much I have to go slow because my skin explodes if I go hard and fast~ again and always~ you are my super hero Doc~ all my friends refer to you as Dr Juicy because I always have fruit with me or giving it to those who don’t realize they need it❤️

  4. I think the worst foods you can eat are any foods that contain man made chemicals in them and that includes isolates. The next worst foods are the refined grains or anything that is refined (especially refined sugar and refined salt). The main reason a lot of people are obese (and morbidly obese) is because they eat refined grains in the form of bread, pasta, and snack foods. Anything that is deep fried in oils (especially hydrogenated oils) is absolute poison to all cells in the body (including the brain).


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