Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Neuropathy, B12, Breastfeeding and More #641


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:04:20 - B12
00:08:04 - Neuropathy
00:16:02 - Vitamins
00:35:07 - Numbness
00:57:38 - Breastfeeding
01:12:28 - Weight issue


00:04:20 - B12
Are there any herbs that contain B12 or are the shot injections the only way to get it and are the shots really safe?

00:08:04 - Neuropathy
What herbals would you recommend for peripheral neuropathy?

00:16:02 - Vitamins
Should we continue with these supplements or let our diets do the talking?

00:35:07 - Numbness
I have experienced some numbness and vertigo due to neck spurs for many years.

00:57:38 - Breastfeeding
I am currently breastfeeding my 1 year old son. He has eczema on his cheeks and a list of allergies

01:12:28 - Weight issue
Can’t seem to get my weight down and stay focus because of back pain from back injuries

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  1. Ive been following you for years and i must say todays show was fabulous!…a really nice summation of processes in a concise format. op notch healer you are dr Morse…I am forever greatful for you. Much love and light to you. xoxo

  2. your videos inspire me so much Dr M!! they for sure are very helpful and keep me going strong! I always get a big smile on my face when I see you have out a new video

  3. you are a fabulous healer and teacher (and human!). But I urge you to research your ‘atomistic’ views – its not atoms that are recycled – its energy – vibrations in the aether. There is no such thing as an atom – its a useful MODEL but not accurate explanation. Your concept is correct but its vibrations not atoms that are exchanged and recycled. Peace and love brother.

  4. I need help i am suffering from nerve damage from a trauma in my male reproductive area and I am suffering with loss of sensation and numbnmess.

    please help! im willing to do anything.

  5. I see your secret message on your Glandular Junction website!!!! Love It!!! and love the website

  6. Wait…Nestle? The history of that company is horrid~from the push of the formulas in other countries & the cover ups~the false advertising telling mothers it was better than breast milk~the C.E.O. Saying water is not a human right!?! Just curious if you where collaborating with that company? Or why where you there? To speak about the formulation being harmful? I was surprised to hear you say that? Tysm for everything you do Dr M🙏🏻

  7. Can someone please help me with what my first step should be, I have type 2 diabetes, I’ve had 5 spine surgeries (1 failed fusion/revision, several herniated disk repair) hip replacement at age 39(other hip needs replacement) , I have what I’m told is dercums (multiple painful lypoma) guess I don’t need to say chronic pain but I will ! Neuropathy, radicular pain issue, copd, and had hep c but supposedly it’s in remission after treatment with interferon 🙄🥴, needless to say I’m literally dying slowly

  8. Hi Robert. It had been a while since I had listened to your Q & A’s because after a while you really get the fundamentals and then it’s just copy paste after that. You do great work and really appreciate you for what you have accomplished.

    I do want to clarify this whole ‘virus’ question. I was surprised to hear you talk about viruses like they were real, which means that you either didn’t hear about the evidence presented by dr. Stefan Lanka, dr. Kaufman, dr Tom Cowan, and the Baileys to name a few, or you disagree with them, in which case I would be interested to hear your arguments. Looking forward to your response.

  9. How can a TI individual ((targeted) heal if they keep tournaments and waves of radiation burning you?? Mental abuse etc.

  10. Just a little suggestion; the sound is great but I would “float” the mike on a stand instead of the current desk stand to avoid the sound when Robert hits the desk with his hand. Nice camera work though and the picture is definitely better as well, thank you!

    • Hello Gregor,

      If on a PC, just hover your mouse over the video then you’ll see the player controls including a play/pause button.

  11. Sure, I’ll email it to that address right now but WHY am I doing this? Aren’t you all connected on that side already? Just asking…seems kind of ridiculous but I am doing it anyway. Perhaps your email client does not allow you to FORWARD messages? It’s fine though, just a little mind bending is all! Thanks for all your efforts and please keep those videos coming! I have LOTS of valuable information to share with Dr. Morse related to something more along the lines of operating LAWFULLY in the course of BUSINESS and COMMERCE. Aloha!

  12. I am really looking forward to your new book! Please let me know when it’s available, am willing to pay for the best information you have 🙂

  13. I believe nature provided everything we need for nutrition and cleansing in our food. Supplements are isolates and harmful because they throw your body out of balance. That is one of the reasons why drugs are harmful because they are isolates and not even food. Eat whole foods in their natural raw state if possible.

  14. Wow, I have the numbness thing. It’s disturbing to wake up in the night with a numb hand.
    And yes, my gut must be really dirty. Wow. What a great answer. Thank you so much dear, dear Dr. Morse.
    Started a fruit only diet, mostly juice. Wish me luck!!
    And does anyone know of a good raw food support group – not Facebook?

  15. When I had symptoms of low B12 . I asked the dr if this could be low B12, he said I am to young to be deficient. I insisted on having test. The results cam with bold letter “with this level B12 you could experience psychological, neurological and psychiatric symptoms”. I take B12 shouts and feel great. I read that after 60 people do not produce special enzyme in last 18″ of small intestine that is necessary for our body to make this vitamin. I know very young person who was severely deficient. So, why drs dismiss possibility of low B12 , why not to test? Who has digestive system in perfect condition????

    • Do you drink coffee? what happens to your energy when you don’t take stimulants, that should answer your adrenal question pretty fast

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