Let's Discuss the Adrenal Glands


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  1. Dr Morse and Co.,
    I am happy to report that after one year when I first became aware of ‘adrenal fatigue’ and after reading your book, The Detox Miracle Sourcebook, and Prof. Ehret’s Mucusless Diet Healing System, I am now experiencing wellness.
    It took a trip to hospital with pneumonia on top of a chronic condition of bronchiectasis for the penny to finally drop. That was to be the last time I would ever take an antibiotic or indeed any medicine.
    The year was fraught with detox difficulties but I followed your teachings no matter what.
    Thank you, Thank you! When the student’s ready the teacher will appear…😊

    • Hello Dr.Morse and his listeners,
      I was wondering about adrenal tumors, if there were a plan and diet that would assist, not sure what’s going on with me. I am 53 yrs old in the hospital currently and are trying to find out what’s going on inside my body.
      They ckd my heart and kidneys and they looked fine. They sent my labs off to the Mayo Clinic, saying it could be hormones or adrenal tumors that release a hormone that caused my BP to spike 226/133. I have had 3 epsiodes of that happening 2 were bad
      188/99 bp htr 109 , When it happens it comes on very suddenly. I get very fushed red and hot. My heart beats very fast.
      I have never been on any medication. They plaed me Amlodopline and Osartn
      Please email me at [email protected].

  2. Thank you Dr. Morris I’m so glad I stumbled on you and your insight and just in the last week I’ve had been helped by you so thank you !!!! my question A naturopath told me that I need to go on a liver cleanse because I have been dealing with a lot of skin issues
    The same week I had a Himalaya salt foot bath and it showed that I had a lymphatic problem which is skin??
    Then that same week I had stumbled at a vegan restaurant and the girl is studying under you she didn’t have her camera but she said she would read my eyes and she saw that I was having a adrenals Problem and said I need to clean my kidneys before I start the liver cleanse so what is your advice because I have all the stuff for the liver cleanse I started an adrenal drink until I hear from you thank you again

  3. Hello Dr.Morse and his listeners,
    I am a 53 yrs old and in the hospital currently for a high blood pressure, 1st one was 226/133 htr 109.
    Had 2 incidents come on suddenly while doing nothing.
    They placed me on Amlodapine 5mg and Lowsartn 50mg.
    I have never taken prescription meds, I don’t take any medications.
    I don’t take Ibuprofen.
    They sent some bloodwork of to the Mayo Clinic, they say it might be hormones perhaps an issue with the adrenals.
    Pheochromacytoma, the diagnosis for that is having high levels of catechlamine in the serum or urine.
    When the tumor releases that metabolite, it can cause a spike in one’s BP.
    2 days in a row now my serum Magnesium has been low at 1.9, it should start at a 2.
    My email is [email protected].
    I enjoy watching and listening to your videos, thankful for all that you and your team do Dr. Morse
    God is with us!😉🙏❤️

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